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Tanker Management Self Assessment

All ships and ship operators have required to have an ISM Code accreditation. Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) have taken the process one step further by introducing a new programme of ”best practice” within the ship operations to provide a method of identifying quality ship operators.

The Tanker Manager Self Assessment programme provides a comprehensive instrument to assist ship operators measure and improve their management systems. Further, the programme encourages ship operators to assess their safety-management systems against listed key performance indicators (KPI), and provide a measure of best practice.

The stages of implementation are:

1.           an internal self-assessment (Gap Analysis) against the 12 Elements and “self” rate the progress against the various stages in each element. These elements cover the scope of and are compatible with, the ISM Code’s Safety management System: 

 Element 1:    Management leadership and accountability

 Element 2:    Recruitment and management of shore based personnel

 Element 3:    Recruitment and management of ships personnel

 Element 4:    Reliability and maintenance standards

 Element 5:    Navigational safety

 Element 6:    Cargo & ballast and mooring operation

 Element 7:    Management of change

 Element 8:    Accident investigation and analysis

 Element 9:    Safety Management

 Element 10:   Environmental Management

 Element 11:   Emergency procedures and contingency planning

 Element 12:   Measurement analysis and improvement

2      the ship operator using the output of the Self Assessment to develop phased improvement plans that address safety and environmental performance. Further the initiative encourages ship operators to achieve higher standards of ship management and continuous improvement against the best practice.

3      the capability for the ship operator to share the results of internal self-assessments with anyone that he wishes to (benchmark) or who requests it from him for the purposes of their own internal vetting criteria.

A web-based tool will be provided for the ship operator to record their assessment results and for tracking their ongoing progress through the stages of each element.

KNIGHTSMART (UK) LIMITED has experience of implementing management systems into many large and small shipping companies of many nationalities and recognises that many of the smaller ship operators will require assistance in progressing TMSA.

KNIGHTSMART (UK) LIMITED can provide a service to assist in the assessment process as well as the development of procedures, processes etc to rectify any identified omissions.

In addition to supplying these tangible services, KNIGHTSMART (UK) LIMITED will also provide extended backup of advice, training and encouragement to ensure that during the assessment and implementation period the regular and routine work is carried out effectively and efficiently. This advice and assistance will be evidenced by visits to the operator's office and ship, telephone and e-mail hotline.

KNIGHTSMART (UK) LIMITED can provide help with your company’s TMSA requirements.

If your Company would like to know more about the services KNIGHTSMART (UK) LIMITED can provide, please contact KNIGHTSMART (UK) LIMITED.

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